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  • Don Odom

A Patriot's Call to Action

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

There are 2 words associated with Japan that sound alike (at least in English). Banzai and Bonsai. I heard a discussion of these words that triggered a few thoughts regarding politics that I'll share here.

The original meaning of Banzai was a blessing or cheer that roughly translates as: "May you live for 10,000 years". Bonsai, of course, refers to the miniature trees that are created by pruning.

What does this have to do with politics?

I pray for Banzai for Wyoming and the USA that in this long lived country seems unrealistic, if not impossible. We have been a beacon of freedom to the world. Not perfect by any stretch, but as Ronald Reagan said, "America is, and always will be a shining city on a hill." But he also said: "If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth."

It's not impossible to reverse our country's trajectory! NOT if WE THE PEOPLE apply the techniques of Bonsai to our politicians! If they won't follow the Constitution, they MUST BE PRUNED OUT, i.e. voted out of office at once! If they can't put "We The People" above their own selfish political desires, they should be pruned. If they care more about the media than the will of the people, they should be run out of office! If they aren't strong enough to do the right thing and instead do the politically expedient thing out of weakness...they must go!

What should we the people do then?

1. Work to re-elect those in local/county/state offices that have shown the courage to stand up to the federal government, media, or their fellow politicians that aren't worthy of being in office. Don't just vote, actually WORK! Talk to others in your circle. Help their campaigns with time, money, political signs, etc.

Just voting isn't enough! There is a war going on in our country. Though the war is not being fought with actual weapons, it will just as deadly for our country if we are too weak to fight it.

2. Work to vote out the RINOs, leftists, communists, and corrupt selfish leeches. Support constitutional conservatives. Vet them as much as possible. Support those that will publicly buck the media, their own party's deadwood, political correctness, and unconstitutional mandates. Be sure they state in plain terms their positions publicly with no quibbling or weak willed apologies when attacked by the media and corrupt politicians.

There will be opportunists that try to capitalize on our passion, just as what happened during the Tea Party movement. If they talk the talk, but don't walk the walk....cut them out at the next election! For too long, we the people have just voted for the party that talks the talk and not held them to their walk. It is past time for us to put principled people in office that say what they mean, and mean what they say!

Focus on principles, courage, and a public willingness to take a position. Forget personality. Forget media acceptance. Ask yourself, does this person believe like I believe AND have the courage to represent me in a way that reflects those beliefs?

3. If you there isn't an acceptable candidate to support, RUN YOURSELF! We need candidates with principles, courage, and the willingness to follow the Constitution no matter what! You may not feel like you are qualified, but if you have the courage of your convictions AND the willingness to support the Constitution, you are more qualified than most of our current elected officials.

To summarize:

GET INVOLVED! Educate yourself on the issues and candidates. Primary out the RINOs and weak-willed. Support strong courageous honest candidates. Find groups such as Conservative Coalition 307 to meet and network with like-minded patriots. Don't self censor. Speak with educated boldness so that others may be strengthened by your example. National politics is important, but local/county/state politics is even more important. Those are the positions that can have the authority to act as a buffer between we the people and an over-reaching federal government.

Don't give up. RESIST!


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